Saturday, February 26, 2011

All Star Superman Video Review

What can I say? The new "All Star Superman" animated video that DC released in late February is simply worth four full stars ...
It is nearly perfect and a joy to watch in both action and drama.
It has a classic love story for the tender-hearted, all-out action for the roughhousers and puts the Man of Steel where he should be ... on a super level.
Even though I had read the comic book it was based on, the video streamlined the tale and actually improved a B+ comic book story to an "A" video.
It was more than worth the $13.99 pre-order Amazon price I paid for it.
The lone criticism I have is why animaters often times fail to put an "S" symbol on the back of Superman's cape? This new video also overlooked the cape symbol. But,other than that, it's excellent.
Now the $64 million question --- why can DC do so well on some animated movies, like this one, and yet not so well usually in the live motion picture realm?
Is this saying DC needs to use previous great Superman comic book scripts for its live movies too? I don't know, but I'm asking the question, cause live movies is where DC needs help.
-Finally, as far as DC animated movies about Superman go, I'm still waiting for the story from the "Secret Identity" graphic novel of Superman to be made into an animated movie. I feel that and another tale, "Speeding Bullets," are both worthy of animated movies in the future.

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  1. I'm glad you wrote this review. I've been on the fence about buying this DVD. I'll purchase it the first chance I get.