Thursday, October 28, 2010

Superman Earth One

Does the graphic novel, "Superman Earth One" live up to its hype?
I say not quite.
Yes, it is a different re-imagining of the Superman legend.
Yes, there a couple of clever new twists in the story.
But the story just didn't flow well.
The title is also confusing and should not have been used.
The ending was also too abrupt.
This re-imagining was a couple of notches above what Stan Lee did some years ago, yet the main villain just didn't have enough spark for my taste, Sure, it was a new, unexpected villain, but he seemed pretty cardboard-like to me.
My expectations might have been too high, but I had hoped for something as innovative and smooth as "Secret Identity" was a few years ago.
I'd only recommend buying it (19.99 plus tax), if you are a hard-core Superman fan.
UPDATE: They are planning a sequel to this comic, so despite my criticisms, it exceeded DC's expectations....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8.5 Percent Superman!

I had high hopes for Superman in 2011, but not so.
Checking DC Comics' January 2011 releases, there are 76 total comics for the month and only 9 are Superman related. That's just 2 new titles starring Superman; three re-published Man of Steel stories and three issues with characters in the "Superman Family."
That's awful DC -- just 8.5 percent of your stuff in the first month of the year features Superman.
This is the worst month I can ever remember and I'm only planning on buying four $2.99 comics in January -- my lowest level ever since the early 1980s.
Why is Superman not back in the JLA?
Why has Lex Luthor taken over Action comics?
I also just read the latest Superman-Batman comic and it starred Supergirl and Robin. DC's world's finest heroes seem to be taking a lot of vacations lately.
What's all this "Brightest" junk you're producing too?
DC what are you thinking?
There were MORE superman comic appearances around back in the early 1990s after Doomsday had killed him than there is now.
DC, your movie plan for your super-heroes sucks and now your lineup of your comics is likewise well below par.
I guess you have nowhere to go in February except up.
And, besides wanting Superman back in the JLA and Action, when the "Smallville" TV series ends next spring, I'd like to see a miniseries that continues the Smallville storyline further as Clark Kent becomes a full-blown Superman.
Is that too much to ask?
(The above photograph is the cover of JLA No. 50, that had Supergirl, but no Superman, at least not the real one!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

DC to drop comic book prices!

Here's an unexpected move and one that goes against most businesses today ---
DC announced this week that it will drop the current price of its $3.99 comic books to $2.99 starting in January 2011.
Now DC mentions those comics will decrease from 22 pages to 20 pages in length, but that's great truth in advertising when most companies secretly shrink sizes, hoping you won't notice.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" review

This latest DC animated movie is all to predictable in the early going.
"Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" simply follows the plot of the comic book it is based on.
It is only the last 10 minutes where it comes alive, when DC departs from the comic and goes all-out with some super, unexpected action of "wow" and "Awe" proportions.
Sadly, previews of the upcoming "All Star Superman" also appear based too much on the comic story of the same name.
I'm sure DC will throw in some twists at the end, but is that what their new formula is?
Take old comic material to make animated movies out of?
I'd like to see some new material sometimes.
Or, at least go back in time and use the saga of where Superman first met Mongul, or some of the Elseworld tales as the fodder for future animated movies.