Thursday, October 31, 2019

Superman comics on a downhill slide

                                   A Superman statue at a Salt Lake Children's hospital.

NOT "up, Up and away" anymore. It is now "Down, down and astray" for Superman comics.
Superman comics peaked about 15 or so years ago in quality and have been on a downhill trend ever since.
Why? Mostly the writers have lost sight of "Action" in favor of weird stories, such as the "Deceased" series or the awful bad "Leviathan" storyline (the worst ever plot in my nearly 60 years of reading Superman comics).
They also throw in stupid new characters, like "Naomi" in a Superman comic. Who cares about lame invented characters that steal the spotlight for one issue?
Now, when they might have actually realized the comics are lackluster, they throw in a "let's reveal Superman's secret identity to the world" What? How un-creative can you be?
I think DC would have been better off fragmenting their Superman comics before going into the weird stories. They could have had some limited alternate universe ("What If?" stories where he reveals his secret identity and then it is explored what happens after.
This would have kept the main Superman comic pure and true to its origins.
My older sister the other day was somewhat surprised that I hadn't outgrown reading comics. Now, the looming problem may be that Superman comics is outweirding me.
I just don't zip down to my local comics store with much excitement these days, because the stories are so dismal and uninspiring.
The other day I went down to my local comics store and it was still closed an hour after it was supposed to have opened. I didn't feel disappointed at all and thought, "I can do without those 2 comics I was going to purchase."

When my local comics store messed up and stopped giving me the new "Batman-Superman" comic after just a few issues, I didn't miss it and I didn't complain either, because the first few were so boring that I didn't care.
(And, I don't believe any young kids these days are going to pick up a new Superman comic and think, "Wow, this is great, I want more!")
Ever since DC Comics got rid of their message boards, they have been out of touch with readers and it is only getting worse.
There are other problems too. For example, regular comics are now too thin on pages and one issue just can't have the punch that it used to. For an extra dollar or two, I'd prefer a thicker and high priced comic with some kick to it.
At this rate, I may stop getting new Superman comics completely and just relay on my thousands of issues going back to the early 1960s for my Superman fix.
I doubt I'm the only Superman fan who feels this way either...
-A work associate of mine said similar bad writing is prevalent today in Marvel Comics too. He said he only reads older Marvel comics, because the newer ones are so bad.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Is Supergirl more powerful than Superman?

IS Supergirl more powerful/or stronger than Superman?

No, the very idea goes counter to the standards of the universe.
Although there was a time in DC Comics that Supergirl appeared stronger than Superman, it is only on the CW TV shows, where this false idea rules.

Men are naturally stronger than women. That's a fact when you look at any world records, regarding strength, power or speed.
Kryptonians would be no different.

Also, Superman has spent much more time on Earth, absorbing more yellow sun radiation than Supergirl.

The CW show, "Supergirl" simply goes out of its way to demean Superman and make him less powerful.
This was very evident in the network's December of 2018 crossover event. Superman was all but worthless in that series. All he did was serve as a punching bag and he added nothing to the plot.

(And, my prediction is that if any hero dies in the sequel to that CW crossover in December of 2019, "Crisis on Infinite Earths," it will Superman, not Supergirl who perishes.... as it was Supergirl who died in the original comic book series of "Infinite Earths.")

Review of Reign of the Supermen: 4-Star animated movie

"REIGN of the Supermen" is another 4-star DC Animated movie!
It is great and well worth the $16 purchase price (What I paid, at least).
Although it is closer to the storyline of the comic books of the early 1990s than its predessor ("Superman Doomsday"), it still had plenty of plot twists to make it very surprising and fresh.
My only real complaint was that they didn't spend enough time showing how Superman's body ended up at the Fortress and how he was revived.
The voice work and animation is first class and the Lex Luthor character kind of stole the show at times with his subtle humor.
-Again, DC/Warner Brothers, how come your live action movies are never as great as your animated movies are?