Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Less Superman is better?

DC Comics is truly taxing my patience....
It's been almost a year and Superman is still absent from both Action and Superman comics.
The Justice League is also back to its second or third string of heroes.
Looking at DC Comics' offerings for April, I see little improvement in this.
I also can't believe how FEW of comics I'm buying lately, simply because there are less with Superman in.
I am also NOT a fan of Blackest Night. That is a lame story that should have only lasted a few months at best.
The World of Krypton series is also lackluster and should have been a 4 issue miniseries, not 12.
Wake up DC! You are committing suicide through such actions.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A truly unreal, "Grand" animated comic book tale incident

Now super-heroes are all fiction -- no one can fly like that or have heat vision, super powers, etc. (At least I don't know a real person that does.)
Anyway, I accept that super-power leap to fiction in comic books, for sake of my imagination and entertainment.
However, I watched part of a "Brave and the Bold" Batman animated series recently and saw an untrue portrayal of another sort, that I was very amused by, and what may be an example of many other fictional things in comics, besides super-powers.
Aquaman and his family were shown on a cross country tour and eventually stood on the Grand Canyon "Skybridge," that opened in 2007 on Native American land.
I know for a fact that you CAN'T take a camera or loose item out on the Skybridge. (That's why I've never been there yet. Who wants to pay $30 PERSON and not get a photo!)
Yet, in this animated series, you see Aquaman and others all of a sudden pull out cameras while standing on the Skybridge and snap pictures. Now that's double fiction! (And it was especially timely for me as the day prior to watching this footage, I had just examined whether or not I should go to the Skybridge.)
Makes you wonder how many other fictional things there are in comics that you never notice or know about .....