Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grade A-plus: Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

If you haven't yet seen the Superman 75th Anniversary animated short, you definitely need to.

I've viewed it 6 times already and pick up some new little tidbit each time, as the 2 minute and 14 second video is packed with history, some that only veteran Superman fans will notice.

So, perhaps you need to see it again and many more times ...

Why can't DC make its major motion picture super-hero movies with the same care and superb quality? One can only wonder as DC beats Marvel in the animated movies, but not the big screen.

Also, I find it striking that what would have been my FIRST choice for the villain in last summer's "Man of Steel" movie -- Darkseid -- is the finale to this short history (and Zod is nowhere to be seen)!

To see this amazing video short, go to: