Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Not liking the Superman "truth" storyline

I'm NOT of fan of DC Comic's "Truth" storyline with Superman in 2015.
Basically, he is somehow powered down by 99 percent to a fraction of what he was. So far, months into this, this factor has drug on too long and is becoming boring.
He's not Superman anymore, just a "Strong Man."
In the past, Superman has at times lost his powers completely. Yes, this is probably the first time he has had his powers drastically reduced, but Superman is all about "Super" and so DC, enough is enough.
If my vast Superman comic collection caught fire, this story is the first one I'd rather lose in the entire racks of issues, given its lack of excitement.
Enough said.

Friday, July 31, 2015

"Justice League: Gods and Monsters" review

WITHOUT revealing any spoilers, "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" is a very entertaining DC animated video, where there's no way anyone is going to predict the outcome to the story.

Yes, it was well worth the $17.99 I paid for the DVD, with shipping to my home.
This is an alternate universe tale, unique in its unorthodox characters. There were at least three pivotal moments in the 76-minute storyline, where I was totally surprised by the outcome.
Thus, this movie is more about "what if" and "Wow, I didn't expect that" rather than all about its action scenes.
I'm still mystified why DC can produce such great animated movies, well ahead of Marvel, and yet fall short on the big screen of live action movies.
While I'm still waiting for DC to do a "Secret Identity" animated movie, I'm not disappointed by their Superman projects otherwise.

-Regarding the related "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" limited comic book series, I thought that it was ever better than the animated movie. It is surely one of DC's best comics series of 2015.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

DC's "Convergence" is a real treat

DC Comics has a landmark two-month new series running, "Convergence," during April and May of 2015.
This series brings together all past "imaginary" stories, alternate universes and many "Elseworld" tales, as if they are all REAL.
From "Kingdom Come" and its Superman to many pre "52" universe stories, this is worth a look.
Some stories move slow, but it is a kick to see so many alternate characters abandoned, or only briefly used, returning.
The only other downside is that there isn't space to truly develop and explore these alternate characters and worlds.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

NO costume/cape for Superman starting in June!

DC Comics is taking away Superman's costume and cape starting in June 2015.
Lame .... Post "Convergence" fallout.
Other than his T-shirt still has a large "S" shield, he will just be wearing jeans and work boots --- and no cape.
Superman is ALL about the costume.
Even the "Stolen Costume" episode of the George Reeves TV Superman series in the 1950s illustrated that Superman needs his uniform, or he's just Clark Kent without glasses.
Those jeans will rip and boots tear in his first big clash with a super-villain.
He could surely come up with some new Kryptonian "Armor" by way of his Fortress,  or Kandor.
AND, his cape still exists in the current storyline. Flying isn't as cool or distinctive without his trademark cape.
DC, What are you thinking? Superman looks more like an unfinished super-hero here and even more like Superboy of 10 years ago.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Justice League 3000 finally takes off ...

PATIENCE sometimes does pay off in comic books.
So, I keep buying DC Comics' "Justice League 3000" (now "3001") for over a year, wondering why I do it when the storyline is so limited, lame and unimaginative.
I'm talking 13 issues for $2.99, or more than $39 wasted?
However, in February, issue No. 13 comes along and wow, the comic finally hits its stride.
Spoilers ahead!!!!!
From Sinestro to Lois Lane to Darkseid, the story finally shows some excitement.
(The story previous added the original Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Ice to the story with little thrill.)
I still might give away issues 1-12, but this is great news!!!!
Also, I'm still not fond that the Superman here can't fly and seems to be pretty powerless, hardly deserving the Superman title, but at least the story is worth a read now ...............
UDPATE: Now "Supergirl" has shown up in Justice League 3001, so its twists continue.

The best Lois Lane actor?

I grew up with the 1950s "Adventures of Superman" George Reeves TV show.
Recently re-watching all of them again for the umpteenth time still yielded some new revelations.
The BEST Lois Lane for me is none other than  Phyllis Coates, who only starred in the first season of the series.

She was the most pretty and talented. No one, believe me, no one, could scream like her and she was impulsive and spirited.
Too bad, she had already made a commitment for another show, before the second season of Superman came along. (In addition, too bad she's only in ":black and white" in these early shows.)

-Also in one of those early 1952 episodes, it was the "Monkey Mystery" or the "Broken Statues," that is the only one where you see a Daily Planet Newsroom. 
Otherwise, it was always as if Perry, Lois, Jimmy and Clark were about the only employees in that large Daily Planet building/operation.

-In addition, I noticed so clearly a "Stunt double" for George Reeves in the "Mind Machine" episode that it was unbelievable. So, you've got to not look too close -- especially on those early episodes. At least they had great background music.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

State of the State Report on Superman in 2015

SUPERMAN is looking a little more promising in 2015 than in previous years ...

-The new super power Superman now has -- Solar Flare -- looks fascinating.
The only dispute I have with it is that it makes him human for a day. I can see where he would lose his strength and most powers from expelling so much solar energy -- but seems to me that his invulnerability would remain mostly intact.

-The third installment of "Earth One" Superman came out. I'd rate it a B+   and a notch or so above its two predecessors. I loved the unexpected twist with the male Luthor in the storyline.

-The "Future's End" maxi-series by DC Comics is coming to end and finally Superman is looking to be a factor in it. Yet, it seems to me that this series could have been half as long and twice as good.

-DC is apparently looking to make the Legion of Super-Heroes a major motion picture, along the lines of Marvel's "Guardian of the Galaxy."
However, "Legion" in NOT a comic book that even continues in DC's revised lineup.
I don't understand why DC can't figure this out -- Legion was originally and founded as "Superboy and the Legion ..." DC has tried 3 or 4 times now to get the Legion going on its own and only the version with Supergirl in the future showed any promise.
A movie about a bunch of super-heroes in the future isn't going to excite people UNLESS there is a link to the 21st Century. You have to have that element in the story.

-DC is back to having fun with its multi-universes or "Multiversity." That is some of DC's best material now. I look forward to more of that and more versions of Superman.