Friday, April 4, 2014

DC Comics/Warners Brothers: Fire All Your Movie Advisors and Start over!!

I watched "Captain America The Winter Soldier" movie. Yes, it is a 4-star production and was even better than "The Avengers," because it kept me guessing. 
I am probably an oddity, because I recall throwing around my mother's cast iron garbage can lid back in the mid-1960s, imitating Captain America. Few knew who Cap was back then.

-However, I still can't understand why DC Comics/Warner Brothers won't wise up and create their own master movie plans, like Marvel.
DC's live action movies seem to be on a "plan as we go" scenario.

"Man of Steel," though better than "Superman Returns," could have been much better -- if DC paid more attention to detail, like Marvel does. 
"Superman" had little awe factor in "Man of Steel" and having so many other Kryptonians around on Earth in his reboot debut was a very poor plot choice.
(I could have written a much better movie plot ...)

The last two Batman movies were just too dark.

I'd like to be hopeful for the 2016 "Batman-Superman" movie, but given DC's track record at the theater, they'd have to fire all their past advisors and start over.

DC/Warner Brothers needs one special panel or board to plan and oversee all their movie projects.

How DC can do so well on animated movies and so poorly on live action movies is also a paradox they need to examine.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New '52' falls short

It has now been about two years since DC Comics unveiled its "New 52" line.
It was a complete re-start for the company's comics.
After these two years I've noticed that the comics I found the most compelling, the most action-packed and most imaginative, were NOT part of the main '52' line.
It has been a consistent for me, that the best stories -- especially for Superman comics -- are coming from outside the standard "DC Universe."
From "Adventures of Superman" to "Batman Beyond Universe," that's where the premier stories have been.
The "Superman," "Action," and teamup comics with Superman and Wonder Woman or Batman are not measuring up.
The new villains they have are lame, the stories lack majesty or even a spark of hope.
"Forever Evil" is too lengthy and too focus-less.

-Hopefully the return of Doomsday will spark some new excitement in the DC Universe.

Friday, January 10, 2014

'Adventures' No. 8: Best Superman Comic in years

The "Adventures of Superman" comic, No. 8 (January 2014), is simply the best Superman comic book in years.
Ironically not a part of the DC's vaunted "52 universe," this story shows great imagination, action, art work and is a comic any Man of Steel fan will want to read over and over again.
I never saw the ending coming and it was never boring.
Well worth the $3.99 price.
Compliments to Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett and Belardino Brabo -- keep it up!!