Saturday, March 22, 2014

New '52' falls short

It has now been about two years since DC Comics unveiled its "New 52" line.
It was a complete re-start for the company's comics.
After these two years I've noticed that the comics I found the most compelling, the most action-packed and most imaginative, were NOT part of the main '52' line.
It has been a consistent for me, that the best stories -- especially for Superman comics -- are coming from outside the standard "DC Universe."
From "Adventures of Superman" to "Batman Beyond Universe," that's where the premier stories have been.
The "Superman," "Action," and teamup comics with Superman and Wonder Woman or Batman are not measuring up.
The new villains they have are lame, the stories lack majesty or even a spark of hope.
"Forever Evil" is too lengthy and too focus-less.

-Hopefully the return of Doomsday will spark some new excitement in the DC Universe.