Friday, July 19, 2013

"Man of Steel" Home Release -- Extra 5 Minutes of Footage?

While as of July 2013, there is NO official release date yet for "Man of Steel" into home video, it is being assumed this release will happen by sometime in November of 2013.
(Pre-orders are already be taken.)
What is also intriguing is that running time of the blu ray or DVD will be 148 minutes.
That's an extra 5 minutes beyond what played in the theater at 143 minutes.
Might Kal-El's landing on earth be in that home release extra footage? Hopefully.
Also, some sources are claiming that "Man of Steel 2" will come out in 2014.  
That's way too early, UNLESS, some of it was already shot when "Man of Steel" was made.
Rumors are also that another DC Hero will appear in "Man of Steel 2," opening the way for a Justice League movie a year later.

Did You Read The Free, On-Line "Man of Steel" Prequel Comic?

OK, I'm slow, more than a month behind this coming out.
But if you are going to still see the "Man of Steel" movie, or if you have seen it (like me), you really need to read this prequel comic story.
This is about the Kryptonian ship in the Arctic.
(It may also signal that "Supergirl" is or was already on earth.)

To read the comic, go to:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How the "Man of Steel" movie should have ended ...

AS usual, the people at ,who do these shorts on how movies should have ended, are clever, crafty and funny.
Perhaps these "How" people should be employed to find the big holes in movie scripts BEFORE movies are actually made?
(However, realize this "Man of Steel" Superman had only had the costume on a few hours when he faced General Zod. He was NOT experienced as the regular Superman in these shorts is ....)

Here's a link to how the "Man of Steel" movie should have ended ...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 Utah References in "Superman" in 2013

Another Utah reference has appeared in a Superman comic book.
This one is in "Superman Unchained," No. 2.
Batman mentions to Superman that he lost track of a target over the Utah desert.
So, Superman heads there to check it out. He runs into General Lane, who has black hole laser weapons ready to take on the Man of Steel.
-In issue No. 3 of "Unchained," the first three words in the comic are: "The Utah desert."
Later it is "Eight hundred feet below the Salt Flats."
--About two months ago, the Smallville Season Eleven Special, No. 1, comic, dated July 2013, mentioned Superman being in Utah.
On page 16, the Watchtower reports to Batman that Superman is in Utah, "on mission."
Batman responds, "Of course he is."
--I also noticed what looked like a Utah kind of arch rock formation in the new "Man of Steel" movie.
So, the Beehive State seems to be on Superman's map lately.

"Man of Steel" sequel plot holes

The "Man of Steel" actually seemed like a better movie the second time I saw it on the big screen.
However, there are some plot holes that could resurface in a future sequel to the movie.
1. Although I did see a LexCorp name on a tanker trunk in the movie, Lex himself was nowhere to be seen.
I find it highly out of character that Luthor, a genius, would do nothing in the "Man of Steel" movie while Metropolis was invaded by aliens.
The movie could have easily referenced Luthor, without showing his face, as having a backup plan of his own, if the military and Superman failed in their efforts to stop Zod.
2. Jimmy Olsen was nowhere in the movie. Why?
That Jenny Jurwich character at the Daily Planet was annoying, though -- more so than Lombard. (Also, I'm still 
trying to figure how Clark Kent got a job at the Planet. 
Nowhere in the movie were any journalistic leanings or training mentioned for Clark ....)
3. What happened to any Kryptonian tech/ships leftover from Zod's attack? Did Superman salvage anything, or did 
the government get it?
4. Why wasn't Superman's actual landing and being found by the Kents shown in the movie? Will that be some bonus 
material in the DVD?
5. The fact that Lois Lane knows who Clark Kent is from the onset dramatically changes their future relationship.