Friday, July 19, 2013

"Man of Steel" Home Release -- Extra 5 Minutes of Footage?

While as of July 2013, there is NO official release date yet for "Man of Steel" into home video, it is being assumed this release will happen by sometime in November of 2013.
(Pre-orders are already be taken.)
What is also intriguing is that running time of the blu ray or DVD will be 148 minutes.
That's an extra 5 minutes beyond what played in the theater at 143 minutes.
Might Kal-El's landing on earth be in that home release extra footage? Hopefully.
Also, some sources are claiming that "Man of Steel 2" will come out in 2014.  
That's way too early, UNLESS, some of it was already shot when "Man of Steel" was made.
Rumors are also that another DC Hero will appear in "Man of Steel 2," opening the way for a Justice League movie a year later.

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