Tuesday, December 28, 2010

April 2011: Superman and Batman in Utah?

UPDATED: In Superman comics issue No, 709, due out March 16, 2011, the Man of Steel will visit Boulder, Colorado in his stroll across the U.S.
Does that mean that in mid-April of 2011, he will visit Utah in the following comic book story, issue No. 710 ($2.99)? That appears likely.
However, what city he appears in is the key question.
Will it be Utah's most famous city, Salt Lake City?
Or, will it be a smaller suburb, like Sandy, Layton or even to a southern Utah community?
I've been pulling for Layton, my city of residence.
But it may NOT be any Utah city, but rather the desert of Utah where he meets and converses with Batman, according to an official DC Comics blog. (But at least that's 2 super-heroes in the Beehive State.)
With the British "Dr. Who" TV series filming in southeastern Utah late last fall, the Beehive State is back firmly in the sci-fi world.
However, it's the deserts that spotlight the fascination with Utah in these tales.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Superman returning to "Action" in April

After a several year absence, Superman will finally be returning to star in Action Comics at the end of April.
Issue No. 900 will feature the return of the Man of Steel.
It looks like Superman will have been gone longer from Action comics this time around, then when he was "dead," (killed by Doomsday) back in 1993-1994.
Superman's return is long overdue and I'm personally tired of Lex Luthor starring in Action comics.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shy Superman?

DC Comics has definitely been limiting the appearances of Superman in various products these days.
It can't just be a coincide that DC is currently involved with a lawsuit over the character with his creator's descendants.
(However, if I was on a jury and realized DC's recent poor treatment of the character, even I'd side with the creator's family!)
The Brave and Bold animated show has been on two seasons now and Superman has yet to be mentioned or seen (He'll be in at least one show this season).
Superman hasn't been in Action comics for months. Lex Luthor has taken over that historic comic.
The Man of Steel is lucky to make a cameo in the Justice League comic books these days.
All the rumors and hubub over Superman's next major motion picture is simply outrageous, with no clear future in sight.
If DC's trying to kill the character, then it is on the right course.
DC -- don't you even remember anymore when your official logo on the front of every comic stated:
"Superman National Comics DC"????????