Friday, December 3, 2010

Shy Superman?

DC Comics has definitely been limiting the appearances of Superman in various products these days.
It can't just be a coincide that DC is currently involved with a lawsuit over the character with his creator's descendants.
(However, if I was on a jury and realized DC's recent poor treatment of the character, even I'd side with the creator's family!)
The Brave and Bold animated show has been on two seasons now and Superman has yet to be mentioned or seen (He'll be in at least one show this season).
Superman hasn't been in Action comics for months. Lex Luthor has taken over that historic comic.
The Man of Steel is lucky to make a cameo in the Justice League comic books these days.
All the rumors and hubub over Superman's next major motion picture is simply outrageous, with no clear future in sight.
If DC's trying to kill the character, then it is on the right course.
DC -- don't you even remember anymore when your official logo on the front of every comic stated:
"Superman National Comics DC"????????

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