Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doomsday is Returning!

OK, Doomsday has been seen in DC Comics more than a few times since he killed Superman in the early 1990s.
He didn't die in the first fight, like Superman didn't.
Doomsday returns again in "Steel" No. 1 on Jan. 5, 2011.
This "Reign of Doomsday" – saga has him returning to Metropolis, and somehow Steel is the only hero who can keep him from destroying the city.
In this multi-part story, Doomsday will also face the JLA, Superboy and others in other comics in early 2011.
(Also, in the Marvel universe, Spiderman will die in early 2011 and does that sound familiar, almost 20 years after Superman's most publicized death happened?)

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