Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Justice League 3000 finally takes off ...

PATIENCE sometimes does pay off in comic books.
So, I keep buying DC Comics' "Justice League 3000" (now "3001") for over a year, wondering why I do it when the storyline is so limited, lame and unimaginative.
I'm talking 13 issues for $2.99, or more than $39 wasted?
However, in February, issue No. 13 comes along and wow, the comic finally hits its stride.
Spoilers ahead!!!!!
From Sinestro to Lois Lane to Darkseid, the story finally shows some excitement.
(The story previous added the original Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Ice to the story with little thrill.)
I still might give away issues 1-12, but this is great news!!!!
Also, I'm still not fond that the Superman here can't fly and seems to be pretty powerless, hardly deserving the Superman title, but at least the story is worth a read now ...............
UDPATE: Now "Supergirl" has shown up in Justice League 3001, so its twists continue.

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