Thursday, October 28, 2010

Superman Earth One

Does the graphic novel, "Superman Earth One" live up to its hype?
I say not quite.
Yes, it is a different re-imagining of the Superman legend.
Yes, there a couple of clever new twists in the story.
But the story just didn't flow well.
The title is also confusing and should not have been used.
The ending was also too abrupt.
This re-imagining was a couple of notches above what Stan Lee did some years ago, yet the main villain just didn't have enough spark for my taste, Sure, it was a new, unexpected villain, but he seemed pretty cardboard-like to me.
My expectations might have been too high, but I had hoped for something as innovative and smooth as "Secret Identity" was a few years ago.
I'd only recommend buying it (19.99 plus tax), if you are a hard-core Superman fan.
UPDATE: They are planning a sequel to this comic, so despite my criticisms, it exceeded DC's expectations....

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