Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8.5 Percent Superman!

I had high hopes for Superman in 2011, but not so.
Checking DC Comics' January 2011 releases, there are 76 total comics for the month and only 9 are Superman related. That's just 2 new titles starring Superman; three re-published Man of Steel stories and three issues with characters in the "Superman Family."
That's awful DC -- just 8.5 percent of your stuff in the first month of the year features Superman.
This is the worst month I can ever remember and I'm only planning on buying four $2.99 comics in January -- my lowest level ever since the early 1980s.
Why is Superman not back in the JLA?
Why has Lex Luthor taken over Action comics?
I also just read the latest Superman-Batman comic and it starred Supergirl and Robin. DC's world's finest heroes seem to be taking a lot of vacations lately.
What's all this "Brightest" junk you're producing too?
DC what are you thinking?
There were MORE superman comic appearances around back in the early 1990s after Doomsday had killed him than there is now.
DC, your movie plan for your super-heroes sucks and now your lineup of your comics is likewise well below par.
I guess you have nowhere to go in February except up.
And, besides wanting Superman back in the JLA and Action, when the "Smallville" TV series ends next spring, I'd like to see a miniseries that continues the Smallville storyline further as Clark Kent becomes a full-blown Superman.
Is that too much to ask?
(The above photograph is the cover of JLA No. 50, that had Supergirl, but no Superman, at least not the real one!)

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  1. Lynn, I don't know what to tell you about the comic book situation and Superman.

    I agree that Brightest Day is horrible. So was Blackest Night and Cry For Justice.

    We've exchanged emails on the subject.

    The comic book characters are no longer the stars of their own titles, the writers are, and these plodding, over long hack jobs is what THEY consider their 'epics'. Frustrated novelists is what they are, couldn't hack it on the book writing circuit, so they vent their self grandiose delusions in comic books.

    As for Smallville, the latest news...

    Smallville ratings are up.

    The reason Tom Welling announced that the tenth season was the last, is because he was informed by CW that they were canceling the show at the end of the tenth season.

    Welling has publicly admitted that fact.

    He wanted to get the jump on the CW in making the announcement. The CW's plan was to make the announcement at a later date.

    Which begs the question of WHY did the CW give the show a tenth season reprieve to begin with?

    At the time that decisions were being made to keep or axe running TV shows from the new season schedule, Smallville was hanging by a thread, and speculation even among fans was that the CW would cancel the show. Instead, the CW announces the show will be back for a tenth season, while KNOWING at the same time it was going to cancel the show after that season.

    I fail to see the logic except within the scenario that the producers knew they were being considered for cancellation at the end of the 9th season, most likely WERE going to BE canceled, and behind closed doors lobbied the network for one last season to bring the show to some sort of satisfying end for it's fans. It's the only sense I can make of it.

    That being the case, surely the CW and the show's producers KNOW the only reason ratings have climbed is that fans of the show are anticipating seeing Welling FINALLY don the costume and become Superman.

    What purpose would a 11th season serve if the show doesn't become a full blown Superman series after the tenth season?

    Even if THAT is the intention, it's highly unlikely Warner Bros. will allow it. I'd dare to say they absolutely won't allow it. I would be surprised in the extreme if they did.

    They have a Superman film to rush into production. They will not have a different version of Superman running in a TV series from the Superman they intend to promote on the Big Screen. It'll be a conflict of interest, and surely impact their marketing strategy for all the media, toys, and action figures they intend to make money from (related to the film). They took a battering in that regard with Superman Returns related goods, they don't want to repeat that again.

    So, if for some miraculous reason the CW agrees, and gives them an 11th season, where can they go with the show? It will have to have a name change, most likely Metropolis.

    Clark's transition to Superman will be reversed.

    I don't know how, maybe the ghostly voice of Jor El will once again take the suit away from him, claiming Clark jumped the gun.

    The same old spiel that he has more to learn first, I don't know. They'll come up with some kind of clap trap.

    So the show will essentially be a big city version of Smallville, which is what it basically is already. All this is just presumption on my part, but it's what I see as the most likely scenario.

    Who knows?