Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Second or Third String JLA Doesn't Work!

DC Comics -- you never learn do you?
You put in a fourth-string Justice League of America back in the early 1990s and ruined that comic for several years. Now for many new issues, you are almost doing the same sub-standard thing?
What are you thinking?
Would I keep paying to see San Antonio or Boston play in the NBA if they kept using primarily back up players?
Well, that's what you are doing with the JLA and there is no sense to it.
Either bring back the original 7 (or close to it) or I may be canceling my subscription.
(Yes, I have a subscription to Action, Superman and JLA Comics.)
You have tested my limits already in Action comics with the bizarre all-Luthor stint, going well beyond reason and now are you out to ruin the JLA too?
Well, the JLA isn't the world's greatest super-heroes now -- that's not opinion, just fact.
What's the use of having super-heroes better than than the Marvel Universe if you stop using them?
I'm already spending less than half on comics that I did last year, because Superman is featured far less than ever before and now the JLA is following that trend.

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