Saturday, February 26, 2011

Throwing out Bad Comics

OK, so I am finally starting to separate and will eventually get rid of all those bad DC comic books, that in retrospect, I should have never brought.
Top of the list is the year-long "Trinity" DC tale. Worst comic in years.
Second are all the Action comics without Superman -- the ones with other heroes and Lex Luthor only.
Third is "Time Masters." That was an awful work with no inspiration or direction. I could have found any fifth-grader with enough imagination to have outdone that go nowhere plot.
Next are all the JLAs with far lesser heroes.
I'm tired of running across all these and other comics on my shelves that I will never re-read, they are so bad.
DC are you taking notice of this? I am going to quit purchasing such crap. If a series starts out bad, it rarely ever gets much better.
I'm going to cut my losses early in the future.
In the meantime, I figure I've wasted at least $450 on this junk.
DC, you need better quality control.

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