Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smallville Finale Review: Needed More Flying

The finale to "Smallville" was OK, but it could have been better.
There needed to be MORE flying for sure. After 10 years of being deprived of that super-power (expect for one past episode where Clark Kent caught up to a private plane while flying in his Kryptonian persona), I'm sure fans wanted more flight.
Flying is perhaps Superman's most admired power, after all.
I'm not totally sure how much DC's current lawsuit affected the finale, but the final episode seemed to also be purposely avoiding a clear view of Clark in the familiar super costume.
I also didn't care so much for an intangible Darkseid villain.
Lex Luthor coming back was great and how that was weaved into the story.
I also never did get to see the telescopic vision power used by Clark.
The X-ray vision power also too often seemed to only look at skeleton structures of people and not through walls.
Yes, I'm hard to please ... but thanks to Smallville for a decade of some great memories and episodes, like the Legion of Super-heroes one and the Perry White story.

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