Thursday, June 2, 2011

New DC Comics World: Their Biggest Reboot Ever?

DC Comics has announced that starting in September 2011, it will reboot virtually all of its comics.
This looks like it could be DC's largest-ever start over.
Hopefully it is good news.
Superman comics in particular have been lagging in recent years. Not only in that there are less than ever out there, but their stories have been lackluster.
It would sure be great to read another Man of Steel beginnings miniseries, with imagination, like the John Byrne one of the mid-1980s.
The super needs put back in Superman.
The Justice League needs it original members.
DC needs to quit wasting time with second-rate heroes or even their occasional attempts to create new heroes -- after all, none of these things worked well for them in the past.
Also, the Legion needs a 21st Century presence. It was "Superboy and the Legion" in its early days and that worked well. Anything else is hollow and will fail, I guarantee it.
Not many things in life can have a "do over," but comics can. Hopefully DC will do better this time, than with its previous, limited attempts at doing so before.

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