Thursday, April 1, 2010

New power for Superman?

The Superman Homepage has discovered that Superman will soon sport a new super-power or powers, as well as have a change in his personality.
Apparently the traditional Superman will be soon be gone, replaced by one that's more up with the times.
The Homepage also states that the new power may revolve around Photosynthesis and come to (sun) light in July issues.
Superman has had some new powers before, like in the Christopher Reeve movies, where he instantly repairs the Wall of China and also can emit forces from his fingers.
In the comics, he's had temporary new powers and also changed to become an energy being for a time.
Some of Superman's current powers, like super-speed are already very under utilized in the comic books, so is adding powers a good idea?
Regarding a personality change, are we talking about making him less of a boy scout and more like Batman or what?
Back to powers, let's list Superman's current powers:
His 10 core powers:
1. Invulnerability to most things.
2. Super-strength
3. Super-speed
4. Flying power
5. Heat vision
6. X-ray vision
7. Telescopic vision
8. Super-breath
9. Super hearing
10 Rapid healing power.

Powers he sometimes has and sometimes doesn't, according to the whims of writers:
11. Super-Ventriloquism
12. Microscopic vision
13. Ability to not have to breath in outer space.
14. Ability to do without sleep
15. Super endurance
16. Super memory
17. Ability to stop his heartbeat
18. Ability to exceed the speed of light/Time travel ability

Did I miss any?

Does Superman really need more powers? OR just more creative use of the above?

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