Friday, March 5, 2010

Comics books hit too close to home now?

OK, so for me comic books -- Superman titles in particular -- are an escape, a fantasy and I expect mostly happy, pleasant outcomes.
It is a little unsettling for me the past few months to read real life scenarios in the newspaper world represented in some comics.
Being a newspaper reporter, times are tough. My salary/benefits are down about 15 percent the past two years and more than 10,000 journalists lost their jobs last year in the U.S.
In the Superman "Secret Origin" miniseries, the Daily Planet is portrayed as barely able to operate. It can't even afford to keep the Daily Planet globe on the roof spinning and the fears are now that it may be rusted in place.
There's graffiti at the Planet's front entrance and it is nothing like the slick place it has always been portrayed in the past.
Still, somehow Clark Kent gets hired at the Daily Planet, while Lex Luthor thrives in down economy.
Over in Marvel comic book land, it isn't much better. Peter Parker, newspaper photographer,has been the victim of layoffs.
Realistic yes, but cutting a little close to home for me .... Still, you've got to give DC writers/editors credit for knowing my industry's plight and keeping up with the times.

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