Thursday, April 29, 2010

DC, Marvel Comics miss a huge opportunity on-line!

There was a huge, free library kind of database of comic books on-line for a few months and then it suddenly shut down.
It appears the FBI got involved. Likely, DC, Marvel and other comics owners sought to zealously protect their products.
Now if newspapers would have charged something for their on-line content from day one, they wouldn't be in near the financial trouble they are today.
Likewise, comic book companies should have had some vision here and bought the guy's work out, instead of sending the FBI after him.
Myself and likely others would have paid $10 a month, or so much a year to use a similar site.
The hours of work that Database Engineers, Inc. in Lutz, Florida spent scanning millions of comic book images in was incredible enough.
The site had promise and was ahead of its time.
On-line comics will be the future of the industry and comic book companies were unwise to let this pass by and simply squash it for now.

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