Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Superman changes are coming/The Search for Batman

Superman comics No. 701 (on sale July 14) is supposed to begin some sweeping changes in the Man of Steel.
This follows the "War of the Supermen" saga in what DC Comics is billing as "a modern-classic Superman story!"
I don;t know for sure the changes are, but the "S" Symbol on that upcoming comic's cover looks odd, being far too thin.
I'll hope for the best, but the cover art doesn't impress me.
--AND, a more promising Superman-related tale also begins in July — "Time Masters: Vanishing Point."
This intriguing comic is a six-issue search for Batman in time and space.
Superman joins Rip Hunter, Green Lantern and Booster Gold in the hunt for the World's Greatest Detective.
I have high hopes for this story.

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