Thursday, May 10, 2012

Superman vs. Thor or The Hulk ...

I've heard even non-comic book fans ponder who would win in a Superman vs. Thor match up, or a Superman vs. Hulk battle?
The answer is ...
It has been done before.
Superman beat Thor up pretty good in a DC-Marvel crossover comic some years ago, before the rest of the Avengers also teamed up on Superman.
Superman has also faced The Hulk at least 3 times in past comics. The most recent battle was one where the Man of Steel finally won, but stated it took all he had.
There's also a classic DC-Marvel crossover comic book cover where Superman is holding Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield as the lead defender of the universe against a huge cosmic threat

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  1. The only way that Superman possibly loses to Thor or hulk is if it's Thor AND Hulk - at the same damn time lol. In fact, he would be able to keep them both busy if the JLA had to take on the Avengers. Superman is just too much for Hulk.