Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Superman Is Not So Invulnerable

My biggest criticism of the revamp of Superman by DC Comics so far is how they are mishandling Superman's invulnerability.
After some eight months,  DC has proven it has no idea how it is missing the mark.
First, Darkseid takes out Superman like any ordinary person.
Next, Superman gets a new costume that's supposed to be indestructible and yet he still gets dazed and dizzy by being hit with this and that.
Shouldn't that new fangled costume make him double invulnerable?
Anyway, what happened to magic, kryptonite and red sun as being his only weaknesses?
Instead of being creative with those weakness for the Man of Steel, DC is not paying attention to detail and legacy.
Superman gets stunned more than any Justice League member.
So much for invulnerability!

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