Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes! Truth, Justice and the American Way in Pure Form

A review of "Superman vs. The Elite," a new DVD/animated movie, June 2012 ---
Yes! Truth, Justice and the American Way is back!!
Thumbs up to this new movie, that remains perfectly true to Superman's self-proclaimed mission of Truth, Justice and The American Way.
Counter to what DC Comics has done in recent years, this storyline was an inspiring pleasure.
Any Superman movie where I leave feeling I can tackle the world and do just about anything is what they can and should all be about.
This new movie is four stars in that regard.
I just love that "The American Way" was not deleted.
Sure you can knitpick and say the Man of Steel's jaw is weird looking, or that you don't care for Pauley Perrette voicing Lois Lane (though I thought she surprising worked out well), but this is the Golden Age Superman in the 21st Century.
Based on a past Superman comic story, there were some clever twists and turns in the movie and none that seemed out of place.
I felt I got my money's worth and more on this one.
The storyline even contains some deep implications about society.
I'm just hoping in just less than a year now that the new big screen Superman movie story is as good and uplifting.
This DVD is a must for every Superman fan.
I'm still waiting for DC to hopefully animate "Secret Identity" too, by the way.

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