Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Doom" Review: C+ Video

DC Comics just didn't measure up on their latest animated feature, "Doom."
There was just no spark to this story, rather lackluster.
Vandal Savage seemed disappointing as a super-villain and Batman himself appeared more of a villain.
And once again, does Superman have super-speed or not? He gets shot with a kryptonite bullet, as easily as anyone.
Flash would move out of the way. Why doesn't Superman too, when he has super-vision to help know when to suspect a trap?
And, why do most animated features never show the "S" symbol on the back of Superman's cape?
I wish I never would have bought this video, because it will not be calling to me to watch it ever, for a second time.
Not since "Justice League New Frontier," has DC came up with so below average an animated film.

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