Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superman's 'New" Origin Story: Superb!

DC Comic's new "52" revamp includes a retelling of Superman's origin from Krypton in the latest Action Comics, No. 5 and I've got to admit DC payed incredible attention to a lot of gaps in the previous origin tales.
For example (spoilers ahead!):
-Why didn't Superman's parents just enter the Phantom Zone, instead of dying when Krypton exploded? They answer that the Zone's villains made that an impossible option.
-Where does Krypto the dog fit in? He entered the Phantom Zone before it shattered, trying to protect his family.
-Why did Kal-El's rocket ship crash on Earth, instead of land? It malfunctioned, hence the crash.
-Why didn't government authorities detect the rocket ship's crash? They did in the new 52 tale and the Kents scramble to cover up what they can.
-What powered the rocket ship? A Kryptronite engine. (And that is stolen and hence a new Superman tale coming up.)
ALL in ALL, this is an intriguing retelling of the Superman origin and best of all -- the Legion of Super-Heroes are shown as working with Superman to find the stolen engine.
"When Superman Learned to Fly" is the title of the next Action issue, No. 6.
Action comics is living up to its legend again. This is great stuff ... Marvel get out of the way ... the magic may be coming back to DC's flagship character.

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