Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on New 52: Justice League

I just read Justice League No. 6 in the new DC "52" revamp.
The first five issues seemed OK on this story of he first confrontation with Darkseid, but the final one, issue 6, was rather disappointing.
In the old DC world, Darkseid would never take on the entire League himself, nor would so easily soil himself with personal combat.
Superman is represented as weak, a super being who still uses just one of his powers at a time against very powerful opponents.
It was kind of refreshing that Darkseid is after his "daughter" this time, instead of the "Anti-life equation," that was so overused in some past DC comics.
But it was plain silly that Darkseid was beaten back only because all the Mother Box computers, capable to creating portals to Darkseid's world, were destroyed.
(With Darkseid's resources, it would take but a short time to create new ones and return to Earth.)
No, DC, this ending was poor and shows little imagination.
You can and should do better.

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