Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too many Kryptonians!!!!

One of the worst Superman plots ever, in my opinion, is to have too many Kryptonians running around.
Now I should clarify and note that I mean full-size Kryptonians, as Kandor in a bottle works for me.
The old "Lois and Clark" series in the early 1990s was the first to try this as one of its episodes had dozens of people from Krypton rambling around. That was one of the worst shows of that entire series.
DC Comics is currently having its "Superman: World of New Krypton" miniseries approaching its 7th issue in a 12-part run. This series has 100,000 plus super-powered men and women flying around.
Next, the current "Smallville" has dozens of Kryptonians featured in with the return of Zod. Now, they initially lack their super-powers, though.
The whole base concept of Superman is that he is rare, almost one of a kind.
Dilute that and the "S" shield seems to mean little.
I'm not enjoying either the current "Smallville" or "World of New Krypton" much, because they have little spark or imagination. The sooner they end and a new plot takes over, the better for me.
"World of Krypton" also includes so many new weapons that can affect or kill super-powered beings that it is pitiful. To be consistent, DC would have to redefine Superman's invulnerability after this miniseries ends ...

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