Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ideas for Superman Elseworld tales

Every so often, DC Comics delves into an "Elseworld" tale, a kind of "could have happened" story ….
(They are the counterpart of Marvel's "What If?" sagas.
DC has done dozens such stories over the years and many are excellent.
But recently, DC has stopped doing these as often.
I say there are still lots of possible ideas for new Elseworld stories out there.
Here are my 6 of my ideas for Superman Elseworlds, for what they are worth:
-What if Superman had landed as a baby to Native Americans in the west, in the mid 1800s?
-What if Superbaby had landed in the ocean and been adopted by Aquaman's undersea dwellers?
-What if Superbaby had been a girl and she landed on Paradise Island? How would she co-exist with Wonder Woman?
-What if Superbaby had landed in rural Hawaii in the late 1920s, just finding his super powers when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941?
-What if superbaby had landed in the American west in the early 19th Century and had been strangely adopted by grizzly bears (who could not harm him anyway)? Kind of a Tarzan-like tale in America…..
-What if the traditional Superman had somehow switched universes and landed on Earth Prime and was the ONLY super-hero there? (Omitting Superboy Prime from this tale would be wise….)
Note" The Picture above is my favorite DC poster of Superman.

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