Friday, August 28, 2009

When comic books spill over into real life ...

COMIC books are imaginary and fictional, right? Yes, but they shocked me recently by proving that's not an absolute, when they crossed over to real life — my life.
I started a new thread on the DC Comics message board in May of 2009 and surprisingly it ended up being incorporated directly into the climax of a five-part comic miniseries, "Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds"  (September 2009)
This incorporation also proved comic book writers really do read the comments from readers on message boards!
"Can Superboy Prime be redeemed?" That was the title of the thread I wrote and DC reproduced it exactly as it appears at the top of the page on any computer screen that accesses it.
Just five words and only 26 characters (and I thought Twitter was selective with its 140-character limit), but this was my brief composition.

It was actually kind of spooky because first you have a real world thing that I started appearing in a fictional story. Next, you have this evil, alternate world Superboy stewing over my thread and responding in the story that the thread is wrong and they will never get rid of him.

Now, I've not only been written into DC Comic book history, I've been threatened by a super-villain -- perhaps the worst one ever in the DC Universe!
To make matters worse, I use my real name on the DC Comics message boards and I'm one of the few who do.... But DC only reproduced the thread to the line right above my name.
Still, perhaps I should have a secret identity, like most people who post on the DC Comics message boards do.
(I also did have a letter to the editor published in World's Finest comics back in the 1970s as a comment to an upcoming race between Superman and the Flash.)

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