Friday, August 28, 2009

How fast is Superman?

What speed can the Man of Steel run/fly?
He could exceed the speed of light until 1986, when DC Comics revamped the character. Then, he was still fast, but could not even approach the speed of light anymore.
I recall one comic book story a few years ago where Superman exceeded the speed of light to escape a dimensional trap.
The problem with that type of speed is that if he is that fast, he can time travel again, based on the DC Comics universe belief in that.
But more recently, the Barry Allen Flash zoomed away from Superman as if he was standing still.
I guess that's OK, cause Flash is supposed to be the "fastest man alive," but the Flash was never fast enough in the past to be in a league of his own.
So, Superman is as fast or slow as the comic book writers at the time want to make him.
Superman's speed is one of his least used powers in stories. Too many times, he just stands there and get struck by some weapon, when you would think he would avoid more such blasts with his great speed.
A lot of villains Superman faces don't seem to have much speed, but rarely is the Man of Steel's speed used as an advantage in a fight.
I'd like to have Superman be able to run at only sub-light speed, but be able to fly faster than light in outer space, when he really pushes himself.
So, in that case, Superman can't run as fast as the Flash, but if Superman is flying, that makes them close to even.
What do other Superman fans think?

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