Friday, August 28, 2009

"Prime" returning to DC Comics in November

"Prime" time returns to DC Comics this fall when Superboy Prime once again invades the DC Universe.
Last seen in the climax to "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds," that premiered on July 22, 2009, this renegade, evil Superboy from a parallel universe, will return after a four-month absence in Adventure Comics No. 4, due out Nov. 18, 2009.
This comic will sell for $3.99 and will be a tie-in to "Blackest Night," a theme in many DC Comic books right now.
Since the "Black Lanterns" know Prime's deepest secrets and thoughts, DC is billing this story as prime meeting his match.
One of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, it took two Supermen to stop him during his first run and the Legion of Super Heroes and three different Earths and Superman to stop him the second time.
Although now thought to be powerless on "Earth Prime," the Black Lanterns somehow free and power him up again.
Prime wiped out entire parallel Earths in "Final Crisis" and no other DC villains have been that destructive.
His immaturity, ego and rage make him one of DC's best villains ever. Especially since he is a dark parody of Superman.
Prime could die or be seriously injured in this Blackest Night appearance, based on a comic book cover where the Lex Luthor from the original "Crisis" is holding his body, like Superman did Supergirl in that story.

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