Sunday, March 17, 2013

Superman vs. Green Arrow -- A Lack of Comic Book Continuity

So I've watched a few of the battles in the "Gods Among Us" series in the Injustice Battle arena.
The Superman vs. Sinestro fight was excellent.
However, watching the next match was a joke -- it was Superman vs. Green Arrow.
I mean in comic book sense, Superman should have been able to take the Arrow out with one single punch, but no!
At one point, the Man of Steel smashed Green Arrow from orbit into the Earth and yet Green Arrow still stands up after hitting the ground!
Superman wins the fight....
Yet, what's the "realism" here in the comic book sense? There is none, it would seem.
Voting by fans seems to be all that matters here,
--UPDATE: Batman beat Superman in the finale. Very, very dumb to see him defeat Superman, when he didn't even have any kryptonite.
Superman hit Batman so hard at times it would have shattered his skeleton -- armor or not. So much for comic book realism in this aspect of "Gods Among Us" -- votes mattered, actual power didn't.

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