Friday, October 23, 2009

The strangest guest stars with Superman ...

What are the strangest/weirdest Superman comic book stories you've ever seen?
I've watched Superman from the early 1960s to the present and here are my top 3 oddballs:
1. "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali."
This oversized 1978 comic reads as if Ali himself wrote it.
But I've got to admit the story portrayed Ali exactly as he really seems to be.
The biggest kick of this comic are all the real-life VIPs portrayed on the cover. A special index identifies them all. You could never get away with that today.

2. "Superman Meets Jerry Lewis."
In 1968, this comic took the Man of Steel to a new low. The story idea seemed to cross so many imaginary boundaries into real life, that it seemed awful.
Was Superman meeting "I Love Lucy" next, I wondered? (Later, I saw the "Lucy" TV episode where George Reeves guest starred and that did work great.)

3. "Superman and Bugs Bunny."
In 2000, this comic came out. It was odd, but after seeing Bugs and company play real NBA players in "Space Jam" (1996), it seemed more plausible.
However, the story had no spark and this is one alternate universe I hope Superman never visits again.

Honorable mention:
When funny man Don Rickles appeared in a Superman comic, Jimmy Olsen, No. 139, in the early 1970s.
To have extra wicked villains of the "New Gods" and Rickles together seemed a mismatch, to say the least.

What's left?
--Superman hasn't met "Archie," yet, that I know of.
--"Donald Duck" isn't a likely meeting for Superman now that Disney has acquired Marvel comics.
--What about Charlie Brown?
--What about the "Simpsons"?
--There's also "Futurama," and "Family Guy."
Since my top 3 oddball pairings were done, any of the above are also do-able in the same weird light.

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