Friday, October 2, 2009

Review of "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies"

The latest DC Comics animated movie, "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" is now available ($19.98-$29.99 suggested retail prices, depending on the version).
I thought the just over 60-minute video was great. I was never bored and if you love action and fight scenes — this story has the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight taking on some of their worst villains all at once!
They even fight some super-heroes and that adds a whole new twist to standard comic battles!
Even the ending had some surprises, as it does not absolutely follow the graphic novel it is based on (though it does for the majority).
I thought the music could have been a little more rousing and would have prefered it to be more like the other DC animated movies.
Also, Superman's face was a lot different in this video than the previous DC animated creators. I'm not an artist or art expert, but I simply preferred some of the previous works in this regard.
If you think the purchase price is high, I'm sure Wal-Mart will soon sell it for more like $14-ish. Cheaper deals on it may also soon be found on the Internet.
I'm now looking forward to the "Earth 2" DC animated adventure.
And. I still think DC is plain dumb if making "Secret Identity" into an animated production isn't on their list!
(Accompanying photo is courtesy of DC Comics.)

(Note: I regularly purchase DC Comics products. Occasionally, I do receive some free comic books from DC, but NOT the comic or item blogged about here, unless stated otherwise.)

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