Monday, December 26, 2016

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio -- Superman BBC style

THE annual Christmas Day (2016) "Doctor Who" special on BBC was surprisingly loaded with Superman and Man of Steel references.
Not only was the show centered around a super-hero, but I counted many references and similarities to Superman in the program.

Titled, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," producer Steve Moffat made it no secret that this special was his take on super-heroes, particularly about Superman. His "superman" was called "The Ghost."

The Doctor Who Christmas specials are also more humorous than the regular series and this one was no exception. Doctor Who is, in a way, his own variation of a super-hero, so this plot worked smoothly.

Any serious Superman fan -- even if they have never watched a Doctor Who before -- will not want to miss this show, also playing in a limited number of theaters on the big screen.

BELOW is a list of the Superman similarities I noticed in the show -- and they include SPOILERS, lest you read further below ...........

1. There's an early reference in a corporate setting to a Siegel and Shuster (creators of Superman).
2. There's a female reporter, Lucy Fletcher Lombard, in the show. Steve Lombard is a womanizer in Superman lore and apparently is too, as he left his former wife.
3. Lucy is an obvious reference to Lois Lane's sister,
4. There's a rotating globe on top a business building.
5. The show takes place in New York City (a Metropolis).
6. At one Point bullets bounce off "the Ghost" the super-hero, who flies and also has a big chest emblem.
7. The Ghost's powers come from the stars, kind of like Superman's.
8. At one point Lucy and The Ghost fly off together over the city, reminiscent of "Superman the Movie."
9. The Ghost also has super-strength, X-ray vision and super-hearing.
10. The Ghost has a secret identity as a mild-mannered nanny, named Grant.
11. At one point in the show, Doctor Who is reading an actual Superman comic book. Later, a reference is also made to Spider-Man.
12. Grant wears glasses in his civilian identity.
13. Lucy interviews the super-hero on top of a tall building rooftop.
14. Lucy asks the super-hero, "Do you have a girlfriend?" (Both reminiscent of "Superman the Movie.")

-All-in-All great fun -- and Doctor Who is eventually shown to have been the one who created "The Ghost."

-There are lots of non-Superman references too, as Doctor Who is mistaken for Santa Claus at one point.

-In the end, Doctor Who makes it clear that The Ghost should retire and that he is Earth's protector, not The Ghost.

-I couldn't tell if DC Comics or Superman showed up in the show's credits, as BBC America made them so small in side window at the end ...

-I surmise the "Doctor Mysterio" title is a reference to next season of "Doctor Who," where he moonlights as a college professor.

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