Saturday, April 9, 2016

Superman's most under-used power?

WHAT is Superman's most under-used power?
I'd put money on super-speed.

Almost as fast as The Flash, Superman rarely gets enough mileage out of this power.

In the "Batman v. Superman" movie, I think I saw speed used once, to save Lois Lane. However, why was his great speed not used to dive on the bomb in the movie and save many, many people?

AND, why should Superman get hit by every punch a villain or monster throws, or by every bullet or blast, when he could dodge some of them?

What good is super-speed if you rarely use it?


1. Super strength
2. Flight
3. Relative invulnerability
4. Super speed
5. Heat vision
6. X-ray vision
7. Telescopic vision
8. Microscopic vision
9. Super breath
10. Super hearing

Did I miss any?

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