Friday, March 25, 2016

How come the movies can't get Superman's cape right?

                            How Superman's cape is supposed to look ....

MOVIES are mostly fiction and so are comic books, but why can't today's Hollywood even get Superman's cape right?
There is supposed to be an "S" symbol on the cape, right along with the Man of Steel's chest.
How can directors/producers/writers miss that?
Why is that so important?
That "S" on the cape is majestic, colorful and further identifies Superman in an ever brighter, more hopeful manner.
Superman movie writers ("Man of Steel" and "Batman v. Superman") must want the Man of Steel to be darker and less colorful.
The 1970s-1980s Christopher Reeve Superman movies got the cape right.
It is this darker version of Superman that doesn't do the character justice.

                             A second comic book example of a correct cape.

-EVEN my extended family gets the cape correct. My granddaughter is fascinated with Supergirl of late and her mother used one of my old "S" emblems to create a great super cape (see below). Now that's cool and how the cape should be!

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