Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superman inspired my life and more ... Up, Up and Away!

  Superman greatly affected me at an early age.
   He inspired my imagination and was the ultimate in sci-fi to me. I would watch the 1950s George Reeves "Adventures of Superman" TV series, even though that meant getting up early on Saturday mornings (and made my parents mad). 
  I never had nightmares, because if a bear chased me, I would simply fly away. I learned I could safely jump off a chicken coop and feel like I was flying for a while. 
   I once walked 10 miles to buy a continued issue Superman comic book, as my mother would not drive me to the store, saying comic books were silly. 
  It was always easy to dress up as Clark Kent for Halloween. 
  "What would Superman do?" was a common ethical question, with an answer for myself. 
  I often re-defined the term "impossible" often, as my Superman upbringing caused me to re-think the so-called impossible. 
  I eventually became a real news reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper.            When I was assigned to go to Washington, D.C. and report on Superman's 50th anniversary, in 1988, then my mother finally realized my Superman comics and hobby were not silly. 

  I dressed my first child, Roger, up as Superman, for his second Halloween (see accompanying photo). back in 1987 and some other of my children in later years.
  And, 4 years ago (in 2009), after making a post on the official DC Comics message board, I was shocked and thrilled to see that post actually written into a Superman comics story.    Now, I am in my late 50s and I have not outgrown Superman and never will. Up, up and away!

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