Thursday, February 18, 2010

Worst Superman stories of the past year?

If you had to get rid of a Superman story of the past year or so from your personal collection (AS IN THE WORST STORY OF ALL), what would it be?
For me, it would hands down be all the Superman and Action comics without the Man of Steel and and featuring all those boring sixth-string characters (and rarely an appearance by Kal-El).
Even the storyline in these mis-titled comics has moved far too slow, only picking up speed in the last month.
I would not miss these comics at all and will probably never re-read them. Sadly, I wasted my money on them ...
A close second would be all those recent Justice League of America comics without the first string of heroes too. Boring, boring, boring.
Do I see a trend here? When will DC wake up and realize these supplemental characters just don't fly on their own? Cramming them in titles where they shouldn't be the stars makes no sense and just makes me mad.
If DC wants to feature these characters, put them as guest co-stars, or give them their own limited series, but quit trying to pawn them off as first stringers.

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  1. You know Lynn, comic book reviewers all over the internet are echoing your aggravation with DC and the books you've listed...It's rare to see a positive take on the situation.

    You have to wonder about the editorial thinking that results in these stupid marketing decisions.

    Maybe DC is thinking if they spot light these "supplemental" characters for an extended period in these books, (supplanting the main characters), they'll develop a following. That would pave the way for DC to give them their own titles,

    Is it possible a little bit of that kind of thinking was involved? Future marketing and sales of new books?

    Kinda dumb to risk the ire and anger of their faithful readers by having their main characters go AWOL, just so they can run another one of their "gimmicks" to create possible future sales..

    I'm not saying that's what's going on, but it's a possibility it's part of the strategy of these story arcs.

    If everyone who buys comics had spoken with their wallets when DC started this foolishness, and stuck with a boycott, I have the feeling you would have already seen Superman returned to his place in Action and Superman, and the Justice League have their A-Team back.

    I'm just saying...