Friday, December 11, 2009

The real Batman set to return!

The original Batman is set to return from the "dead" in 2010.
DC Comics will have a six-issue miniseries, "The Return of Bruce Wayne," starting in April.
Wiped out from existence by Darkseid's omega beams at the end of the latest "Crisis" in 2008, Dick Grayson (formerly Robin) has most recently been "Batman."
As the "world's greatest detective," Bruce Wayne is lost in the timestream, with much of his memory lost.
He wanders from caveman times to the old west and more, seeking answers of where he belongs.
Everyone knew the real Batman wouldn't remain "dead" forever. And, it has never been said the omega beams "kill" you -- they wipe you from existence.
Batman is DC's hottest property of late and no one can replace Bruce Wayne for long as the Caped Crusader.
Time travel plots can be a real kick, if handled well and so even non-Batman comic readers might want to consider this mini-series.
Of course, if Superman showed up somewhere in the series too, that would be excellent, since the Man of Steel was there when Batman was wiped out.
--In a related matter, DC has a revamped "World's Finest" series running. It is a weak series and is an insult to the original "World's Finest" team of Superman and Batman.
I don't care for it and if it fades away, that would not be much of a loss.
(Above image is from the "Brave and the Bold" animated series -- a great production, but again one where Superman is strangely absent!)

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