Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Superman Revamp Looks Silly

Come September, DC Comics will re-tool all its characters.
What I've seen previewed of the new Superman so far looks far worse than what was redone in 1985.
In fact, it seems as if DC Comics is so certain that the pending lawsuit it has with the family of the creators of Superman will go bad for them, that it has nothing to lose by trying anything it can with the Man of Steel.
Superman will be less powerful and both more of a farm boy as well as an alien.
Looking at the September and October DC lineup of comics, I will be buying less than ever before, as DC is still spending too much effort with lesser, worthless characters.
What DC really needed was to poll/survey its readers to see what they wanted more or less of.
Instead, DC editors made what will end up being poor choices in closed-door meetings.