Monday, April 18, 2016

Supergirl TV show is becoming lame and silly ....

MY comic book store manager hates the Supergirl TV show because it is so silly.
I'm beginning to think he is right.
Supergirl in the TV episode that aired April 18, 2016 could not survive in orbit even 30 seconds. She couldn't even fly in space. Her "flying" power did NOT work there.
What? Yes, she had to be rescued by a space ship.
Who are the writers on this show? Have they not read past Supergirl or Superman comics? -- She is supposed to be able to be able to survive in space for a limited time if she holds her breath. In other versions, she can fly effortlessly without air in the vast reaches of the cosmos.

Yes, this is a lame version of Supergirl and some of the recent plots have NOT been very compelling or imaginative either.
The show's aim seems to be to take the "Super" out of Supergirl and Superman ....

OR, are the producers trying to make the character more believable by "MARVEL-izing her?

Either way, I won't be religiously watching season 2 -- and predict the show is going to falter on the CW Network; plus the new DC Comic with the same kind of Supergirl won't last either. (I'm not buying any of those comic books).


  1. Both Superman and Supergirl have flown into the sun. They definitely goofed with that lame plot. John Byrne's Superman was blasted for the same silliness. no one could take him seriously.
    I haven't been so disgusted since the lizard had to save Spiderman when he fell off a building. Seriously?!!? The guy has webs and he can stick to buildings. Nothing worse than fake drama.

  2. Supergirl is one of my favorite shows, and that's hard for it to be since I'm picky. It has character and imagination. One second shes fighting and then falling in love. It's like I'm watching a crazy good movie or a novella.

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