Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another DC Comics reboot coming in June, like it or not ...

DC Comics is planning a reboot/revamp of the majority of its comics lineup in June of 2016.
Action and Detective Comics, DC's two oldest publications, will return to their original 900-plus numbering, but everything else will restart at No. 1 issues.
It is NO secret that DC Comics are struggling right now. My local comics store informed me last week that DC sales are significantly lagging and that Marvel only is doing well.

What? How many re-numberings are you going to do DC?
At present (January of 2016), many DC Comics are at number 47, meaning it has been about 4 years only since DC's last reboot.
I grew up in the "Silver Age" of comics (late 1950s to early  1970s) and comic numbering was simply sacred back then.
For example, in 1979, when Action Comics hit issue No. 500, that was a first-ever milestone and meant something. Now, DC has discarded and trashed such numerical significance.
I personally feel that DC Comics are OUT OF TOUCH with their fans and what they want.
While Marvel has long term/well thought out plans for both its comic and movie super-hero properties, DC has lagged behind in everything, EXCEPT animated movies.

-HERE are some other suggestions I think DC Comics should consider doing:

1. Get rid of your $2.99 comics, Sure they cost less, but there isn't enough room in them to tell a good story. ALL comics need to be $3.99 or more for good story telling. Fans will pay extra for higher quality.

2. Get into the super-hero poster business DC!!! Marvel has tons of good posters for sale out there. You have zero.

3. Get in touch with your fans. Every since you dropped the DC message boards, what fans want never seems to be known or considered. At the least, DC needs a special nation-wide panel of fans to keep in touch with for input, suggestions and ground-level reaction.

4. Return Superman and the Justice League to their glory days. The ONLY great DC comics stories these days are in the titles that are OUTSIDE the standard continuity, like JLA, Injustice and the late Adventures of Superman comics.

5. Quit letting the movie productions of Superman and the JLA tinker with origins and standard fixtures so much. Almost none of this kind of action has been for the good. Marvel has expanded its comics sales by keeping more true to their heroes traditions. Marvel is also in it for the long haul and NOT in for a short gain with playing another renumbering game.

6. DC has RUINED Superman of late with its far too lengthy "almost powerless" storyline; with Clark Kent's secret identity getting made public; and a loss of ALL majesty that the Man of Steel character had. Make Superman pure again, if you must do a reboot. If Superman's two creators were still around today, they would trying to sue DC for character defamation -- and I'm talking about for Superman the character himself.

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