Thursday, March 12, 2015

NO costume/cape for Superman starting in June!

DC Comics is taking away Superman's costume and cape starting in June 2015.
Lame .... Post "Convergence" fallout.
Other than his T-shirt still has a large "S" shield, he will just be wearing jeans and work boots --- and no cape.
Superman is ALL about the costume.
Even the "Stolen Costume" episode of the George Reeves TV Superman series in the 1950s illustrated that Superman needs his uniform, or he's just Clark Kent without glasses.
Those jeans will rip and boots tear in his first big clash with a super-villain.
He could surely come up with some new Kryptonian "Armor" by way of his Fortress,  or Kandor.
AND, his cape still exists in the current storyline. Flying isn't as cool or distinctive without his trademark cape.
DC, What are you thinking? Superman looks more like an unfinished super-hero here and even more like Superboy of 10 years ago.

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