Sunday, February 8, 2015

State of the State Report on Superman in 2015

SUPERMAN is looking a little more promising in 2015 than in previous years ...

-The new super power Superman now has -- Solar Flare -- looks fascinating.
The only dispute I have with it is that it makes him human for a day. I can see where he would lose his strength and most powers from expelling so much solar energy -- but seems to me that his invulnerability would remain mostly intact.

-The third installment of "Earth One" Superman came out. I'd rate it a B+   and a notch or so above its two predecessors. I loved the unexpected twist with the male Luthor in the storyline.

-The "Future's End" maxi-series by DC Comics is coming to end and finally Superman is looking to be a factor in it. Yet, it seems to me that this series could have been half as long and twice as good.

-DC is apparently looking to make the Legion of Super-Heroes a major motion picture, along the lines of Marvel's "Guardian of the Galaxy."
However, "Legion" in NOT a comic book that even continues in DC's revised lineup.
I don't understand why DC can't figure this out -- Legion was originally and founded as "Superboy and the Legion ..." DC has tried 3 or 4 times now to get the Legion going on its own and only the version with Supergirl in the future showed any promise.
A movie about a bunch of super-heroes in the future isn't going to excite people UNLESS there is a link to the 21st Century. You have to have that element in the story.

-DC is back to having fun with its multi-universes or "Multiversity." That is some of DC's best material now. I look forward to more of that and more versions of Superman.

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