Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Superman Anti-America now?

Action Comics No. 900, which was released April 27, 2011, states that Superman is going to renounce his American citizenship to the United Nations. as it no longer serves his needs, since all his actions world-wide are perceived to represent America's policies.
No more "truth, justice and the American way?"
Say it isn't so!
DC Comics what are you thinking?
So, for several years now Superman has been absent from Action Comics (big mistake by DC) and now he finally returns to Action comics with this development.
Superman has also been absent from the Justice League of America comic for months and months now (meaning I'm probably not renewing my subscription to that comic, since Batman is the only real JLA member left there).
DC, are you crazy? Does the DC now stand for Dumb or Disappointing comics?
I suppose this could be a publicity stunt, under the concept that any publicity is good publicity ....
But America is the protector of the world and individual freedom, more than any single nation. So, too is Superman in that category in the fictional world.
So, DC, your move here with Superman makes no sense to me, but then a lot of your comic books are just getting weirder and darker in nature.
I for one am a traditional Superman fan and there are just some of his things you can't mess with. The American way is one of those almost sacred things.
DC, you have committed sacrilege with this anti-American move in Action comics.
What's next? Change Superman's name or discard his "S" emblem?

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